We recognize that our greatest asset, next to our Clients, is our people. Our team comprises dedicated, motivated and result-oriented professionals.


Mr. Gan Kok Lin ventured into forwarding market in the year of 1984 after his attainment of various technical and business relations skills in this field. With almost 30 years of experiences in the forwarding industry, his commitment and friendly disposition has enabled him to deal professionally with clients, both in the government and corporate sectors. Mr. Gan not only incorporates his valuable experiences towards the Company, he also integrates new business models and technologies towards the growth of the Company especially he has integrated the concept of total logistic, “All under one Roof” to make convenient as to give a full service towards our customers.


GENERAL MANAGER, Kevin Gan Sur Theng

Mr. Kevin Gan is responsible for overall Company’s operations including import, export, and transport and warehousing. He is reliable and committed in serving our clients in building customer’s relationships and has earned the respect for his efforts in meeting our clients’ satisfactory with his long-term serving more than 10 years in the company. Mr. Kevin received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.



Ms. Genie is a responsible treasurer, accountant and she reports with the background knowledge of IT and Security which helps the company with overall productivity, system & internal control and cost efficiency. Her high inquisition’s value and high commitment towards the company brought her to another level of presenting her tasks which is excellence. Ms. Genie received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.



Mr. Lee processes more than 15 years of experience in managing haulage operations, which his dedication of commitment in his work enable him to handle the transport department efficiently with diligence planning of operations, drivers, and administrations.



Kelly is a highly efficient, has strong organisational abilities, clear communication skills, IT literacy m valued honesty and discretion with clear goals advanced her in managing the department well. She possesses good management and experience on administration and human resources needs through her valuable experiences for more than 5 years.



Mr. Jack is highly committed for working in managing a pool of forklift’s drives, storekeepers and clerks efficiently. his outstanding attitude of well disciplines, professionalism and well organized thoroughly helped the company to be more efficient. Besides, he is also remarkable at customer servicing for helping our clients for planning and sharing best operational deliveries options. He is also always available to sort client’s issues amicably.


OPERATION EXPORT/IMPORt, Ismailsa Bin T.A Mohammad

Mr.Ismailsa more than 10 years of knowledge in logistic and attending to coustoms and port clearance. His diligence, commitment, knowledge about his work including customs and operation matters, and operation matters, and outstanding performance have thus shown his professionalism and capabilities in client servicing. He has wide knowledge in Custom Traiff Codes, requirements and formalities. He has interacting skills to corresponding providing solutions and problem solving in this field. His disposition enables him to manage his team efficiency and bringing the best options and service towards all customers.


EXPORT EXECUTIVE, Mohd Hilmi Bin Adbul Rashid

Mr. Mohd Hilmi is a dedicated and committed person with knowledgeable and good organizing skills whom has solely been in the Company for 15 years. He has a wide knowledge on every aspects related to export shipments to bring the best advice to the customers. Rest assured his dedication and Initiative and drive will mange all the shipments efficiency and smoothly.


AIR COORDINATOR, Sathis A/L Palaniappan


With more than 20 years experience, Mr. Sathis has capability in organizing and managing both import and export from customs declaring to delivery of consignments to clients. He is knowledgeable in customs Tariff Codes and every aspect related to Airport Rules and Regulations, clearance requirement and formalities. He always commits himself in bringing the best service towards the customers.